Where's Harley?

If you're wondering, as my dogs do, where the heck I am, here is where you can start looking...

On Wednesday nights this spring I can be found at the BGB studio, taking improv classes, and on Saturday morning at BGB writing for and having fun with my fellow thespians of "In Rehearsal"... and scattered throughout the year, God willing, diving into the 16th century with a few of Shakespeare & Company's weekend intensives. Friday mornings I'm generally in Brentwood with The Oxnardians, the best writing group on the planet, and the rest of the time I'm walking the dogs, writing the novel, or holed up in my closet, recording audiobooks. Or vacuuming, except when I'm at one of the following events...

The Baker Street Irregulars Weekend

New York City
Jan. 15-19, 2020

Sherlock Holmes’s birthday is celebrated every January in New York City. The Weekend is always fun, filled with formal and informal opportunities for Sherlockians new and old to gather for a common purpose.

Soaps at Sea Cruise

Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea
November 29-December 10, 2020

Want to come along? For more information:
Soaps @ Sea
Santa Barbara Reunion Cruise

Here we are from the 2019 Bahamas trip. That handsome guy is my old Santa Barbara co-star, Lane Davies, who got me into this. We did Love Letters onboard ship, my first shipboard romance since a Loveboat episode I did in the 90's . . .

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