Keeper of the Moon

Book 2 of The Keepers L.A. series

In a Los Angeles where shapeshifters, vampires and other creatures of myth and legend live under the radar, there are humans born with the capacity to recognize these Others, whose mission it is to protect them from a mortal majority prone to intolerance. Sailor Ann Gryffald is one such human—a Keeper. The species she watches over, like her father before her, are the Elven—tall, charismatic, and telepathic. Possessed with a fraction of their talents, she also shares their weaknesses. And so, when a mysterious pathogen begins to kill Elven women, Sailor too is vulnerable. She makes a pact with the notorious Declan Wainwright, and soon she and her Keeper cousins are draw into a war of Others where no once can be trusted, Declan least of all.

Keeper of the Moon is Book Two in the L.A. Keepers series. Books One and Four are written by Heather Graham, and Book Three by Alexandra Sokoloff. Heather and Alex are my great friends, fellow backup singers in the Killer Thriller Band and proud members of the Slush Pile Players. Collaboration means grappling with profound issues (“Heather, if a vampire is full, will he keep going until he drains his victim, or could he leave them half-full of blood?”) (“Alex, which is easier for a shapeshifter, a bird or a human?”) and we are grateful that our editor, Leslie Wainger, survived the process. At least, we think she survived. Come to think of it, we haven’t heard from her in awhile.

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I’m a big fan of fantasy, science fiction and the paranormal, since discovering The Wizard of Oz books as a child. Among my favorites are Alexie Panshin, Frank Herbert, Orson Scott Card, Robin McKinley, Mary Stewart, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Terry Brooks, Charlaine Harris, Philip Pullman. I’m very grateful to Heather and Alex for inviting me into their Keeper world and encouraging me to try my hand at a genre I’ve long loved and never imagined writing. My agent, Renee, was happy that I was writing a book that would not require extensive research, as I have been known to disappear down that particular black hole and re-emerge with little writing to show for it. “How much research can you do on elves?” Renee asked cheerfully. Famous last words. As any Middle-earth fan knows, quite a lot. My elves are my own, but it’s nice to know the literary pedigree of one’s creatures. I hope I’ve made the Elven ancestors happy.

RT Book Reviews Best First Series Romance Nominee
RT Book Reviews Best Harlequin Nocturne Nominee


I loved Harley Jane Kozak’s Wollie Shelley series, and was happy to see she had another book out, though I was questioning whether I would enjoy the new genre. Well, question answered—I loved it too.
—Amazon Reviewer
I was blown away (in a good sense) what an excellent writer! Though the book is short, she captivated me from the first sentence to the last. To say the least I am now a fan!
—Amazon Reviewer

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