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A Date You Can't Refuse Dead Ex Dating is Murder Dating Dead Men

Where's Wollie?

As I was finishing up the fourth Wollie Shelley novel, A Date You Can't Refuse, my publisher, Doubleday, was restructuring. Most of the Doubleday staff was dispersed, and my own editor ended up at Simon & Schuster. Thus, my series, as often happens in the publishing industry, was "orphaned." It's not easy for an orphaned series to find a new home, but in my case that was just fine; I'd been feeling for awhile that Wollie, a reluctant sleuth to begin with, needed time off from tripping over dead bodies and falling into bizarre dating schemes. So I wrote her a happy ending. Of course, I know what becomes of her as she lives happily ever after, and it's easy to imagine more corpses in her future, should a new publisher want to adopt her. But there are so many other things I want to write that that's not in the immediate future. So the answer to "where's Wollie?" is that she's alive and well in my head. And it delights me that people care about her whereabouts. So thanks for asking!